[Cricut Design Space] How to upload your design - a step by step process (photo tutorials)

Posted by Mara Byrd on

If you are new to Cricut Design Space, here is how you upload your design to make your project - pictures tutorial :)



  • I had the same problem, too. I got a response from Mara in my email – might as well check your inbox. I have been shopping here and I usually get response in my inbox. I think that’s how she handles issues, she talks directly to you. I must say I like it as I can talk to her and discuss projects thru email. She has an amazing customer service!

    Sarah on

  • Hi There, I purchased one of your SVG files and I followed these steps but when uploaded, the image is in colour (not black, which signals “cut”, I believe). This is most relevant at the MAKE IT stage which shows Cricut cutting two different sheets instead of just one. I’ve tried to do some other research (i.e., flattening, etc.) but I still have problems. Can you help?

    Aileen on

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